Complete corporate training modules at your own pace

Congratulations on your new role.  Hopefully you’re as happy to be with the company as they are to have hired you.  As is the case with many organizations, it’s as if they couldn’t have hired you fast enough.  Your hiring manager explains to you that they needed you like yesterday. 

It’s a great feeling to feel wanted but this is something different.  As eager as your new employer is to have you, this sense of urgency is unfair to you as a new employee and can be detrimental to your onboarding experience.   

It essentially means that after only a few days of onboarding you’ll likely be thrown into an arena where you too, are shorthanded and potentially ill-prepared to deal with the demands of your new role which likely includes helping to dump buckets of water out of a boat in order to prevent it from capsizing.  

This is a simple reminder to push the pause button on this process. It’s commendable that you want to hit the ground running but remember that this is also your time to get up to speed while setting yourself up for success.  Rather than yielding to the pressure of putting production ahead of preparation, push pause for a moment.  While your new manager will appreciate the eagerness to begin your role, they will respect your integrity for doing things the right way – that’s a quality of a great leader.

So, instead of clicking indiscriminately through your required training and instead, use the entirety of the time allotted to complete your learning in a manner that will help you actually learn the content.  Most training modules indicate the amount of time typically required to complete the course and your own experience with the material should be comparable in length or very similar.   This will help ensure you’re learning the processes and procedures of the new organization. 

You never know, you may need to rely on these new policies down the road.