Neanderthal Woman: How Majorie Taylor Greene Survived Extinction

Despite controversy and criticism, Greene has found success in Washington by portraying an outsider status and leveraging social media to create her own narrative.  

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the representative from Georgia, is known more for her headline-generating behavior than for the work she’s accomplished since getting elected to Congress in 2020. 

One key factor in Greene's success has been her ability to appeal to a particular segment of the Republican base. Greene's conservative views and outspokenness on issues such as gun rights, abortion, and immigration have resonated with many of her constituents and have helped her build a loyal following.

Greene has also embraced a brash and confrontational style which at times, comes across as prehistoric and outdated for current convention in government.  Some of the controversial positions she’s taken and the provocative statements she’s made might be better served as feces flung by a primate.  If politicians are known for slinging mud, she takes things to a whole new level.  Her support of conspiracy theories such as QAnon and statements over the credibility of school shootings draw plenty of criticism, and still garner her the attention she craves as she builds her profile.  It’s this profile, fueled through the engagement of social media supporters, that helps Greene bypass most traditional media outlets and build a direct connection with her base.

Despite the criticism and controversy, Greene has been able to find success in Washington by staying true to her firebrand and doing whatever it takes to promote it.  While her methods may be undesirable, they’ve undoubtedly helped and her likely serve as a playbook for others like her in the future.