Don't bring your leftover fish or other smelly dish for lunch to work

You've been there before. You open up the break room microwave and get smacked in the face by the hot blast of a fish dish heated just prior to your arrival.  Let's be honest, the entire room smelled as you walked up but you couldn't put a finger on what it was. Someone has broken the unwritten rule of microwaving fish at the office.  Here's why the situation stinks.  

An aerial view of a glass container containing salmon and asparagus garnished with lemon.  The lid sits just under the container and nearby are a wooden knife, fork, and salt and pepper shaker

At this point does anyone need to be told that smells travel and can quickly funk up an entire office?  Even if your leftover fish seems odorless, the process of microwaving it can intensify the odor. Overcooking or heating fish may also cause it to become dry, which can contribute to a stronger smell.  Maybe fish isn't the right thing even for the break room but at the very least, keep it there.  

Office Etiquette

Some workers choose to eat their meals foods at their desks.  Most office layouts place workers in close proximity to their colleagues which may already prove challenging for some, who, if are already sensitive to smells such as perfumes and lotions, will now have to deal with the odors of fish or other foods. 

It doesn’t matter if a person has a strong stomach or not they’re working and they’re using different senses in the office space as a shared environment and not made for all the different smells. let’s take it back to fish though maybe fish is not the best food to eat for lunch at work.

Microwave Tips

Workplace microwaves are not the tidiest pieces of equipment but if you must use the office microwave, here are a few tips to help you minimize the odor of food and also help you be considerate of your coworkers: 

  1. Don't eat fish at work: Save this tasty and healthy dish to enjoy during your off hours.  Additionally, avoid bringing meals with strong orders. 
  2. Cover your food: Use a microwave-safe cover or wrap your meal to help contain the odor and steam.  This will also help keep the microwave clean.   
  3. Proper storage: If you're microwaving leftovers, store the food properly in airtight containers in the refrigerator to minimize the odor when reheating.

Remember, individual preferences and sensitivities to smells can vary, so what may be tolerable to some could be unpleasant to others.  If you work in close quarters, do your part by keeping smells, scents, and aromas to a minimum, especially when it comes to food.